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A Happy Miami Expats nous savons combien peut être difficile l’installation dans un nouveau pays. Notre mission est simple : vous aider à vous sentir chez vous à Miami.


Nathalie is a professional consultant who has been very helpful to help us settle down in US, Miami, FL State. She has been instrumental in the negotiations with the school, the real estate agent and also the local contact of everyday life needs when we arrived. She was fully engaged to ensure a smooth and rapid transition for our family. 

Nathalie is truly dedicated to the satisfaction of  her clients. She is multicultural with a gift for listening to her clients and their specific. 

Natixis – Laurent 

Nathalie has provided us with a fantastic service that has helped us completely faced the difficult challenges of transitioning to the different process we had to go through with the search of a house, looking for school, nannies, accountant and all the other mundane things we had to take care of.

She is really good at helping all the expats from around the World to settle in and feel welcome and comfortable. We really appreciated her help and guidance on this difficult journey relocating from France to Miami.

Robert Leroi



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